Obama Wants to Change Low Wages Without Overtime

obama wants

It should not matter which president does it, the important thing is that action is taken. Employers have taken advantage of the white-collar loophole to deny proper compensation to employees while required them to work long hours, weekends and holidays.

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Many supervisors wish they had been able to refuse a salaryversus hourly, on the basis they would then be expected to work for 60 or more hours a week, on call, so perhaps the responsibility of running a department will finally find some recompense.

President Obama Increase 30%

Since Obama wants to up the minimum wage by 30%-How about upping social security by 30%-seniors and those on disability get hit really hard when prices go up and social security only goes up 1%-For starters, congress and the administration and their employees could contribute more to Social security to help pay for it.

jobs vs overtime

For some it may be good news for others not so good. People on salary earn more money compared to the hourly workers because they calculated “lost” overtime money when determining their salary. It will now be up to the employer to determine if the employee is working fast enough to keep them or replace them by faster working employees. Or to replace the salaried employee by two part time hourly employees. Again the problem is Obama has never worked in a Corporate environment and comes up with these ideas to change the private industry.

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Business owners will be forced to pay employees by the hour rather than salary in order to make a profit. In many cases the employee will make less money than. They need to go after higher level police positions as absurd having captains in city forces making over time. Never would happen in private business where someone at captain level can also make 80K in overtime. Big city police and fire unions need to be knocked down a few pegs.

Mr Barack Obama

President of the United States

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